About Deep Creek Beds

The beds built here at Deep Creek are designed specifically for mail-order mattresses (like Casper, Tuft & Needle, Purple, Leesa, Nectar and the like), but they work great with traditional spring mattresses, too.

While it is true that foam mattresses can lie on a normal bedframe or boxspring, foam mattresses do require good airflow to the bottom of the mattress. I, personally, have experienced mold and mattress discoloration due to improper ventilation. That led me to design these beds—to maximize comfort, airflow, and to bring the beauty of real wood to your bedroom.

Fun fact: since I, myself, am a sci-fi writer, I name my beds after my favorite sci-fi writers. Pictured above is the Asimov in Sapele, using Japanese jointery (specifically, the Shitage Kama joint)

The 'Spring Rib' Design

All Deep Creek beds are platform-style with reversible rails—allowing you to use a box spring in a slightly lower configuration, or to use Deep Creek’s unique “spring rib” platform design. While I recommend the spring rib configuration for both foam and spring mattresses, either configuration provides plenty of open space and airflow underneath the bed.


The all-wood “spring rib” support system supports the entire mattress evenly from top to bottom, and side to side. The spring ribs are aligned vertically to maximize their strength while minimizing their contact with the mattress. This results in a uniform-yet-lightweight support system that increases airflow under the bed, and helps restore some “spring” to your sleep. It also eliminates the need for that annoying fifth “peg leg” in the middle of the bed. Overall, this design maximizes airflow to the foam mattress and flex to your sleep—something that box springs and other beds don’t do quite as well.

100% Wood, 100% Handmade

These beds are 100% handmade in my shop. They utilize hidden bolt-on hardware (tool included) and are 100% wood—there are no plywoods, composites, or other materials used. Plus, these beds use one-piece construction meaning that every piece that goes into making the bed—especially the rails—are each one continuous piece of wood. They are not composites glued or joined together which may separate or crack over time.

A ribbon-cut Sapele board

Available Bed Designs

I currently offer two bed designs, each utilizing a simple-yet-elegant post-tyle construction. Click through below to find out more about each style.

The Asimov

Information on The Asimov can be found here.

The Heinlein

Information on The Heinlein can be found here.

The whole point of a Deep Creek bed is to be beautiful, functional, and comfortable.