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Sapele (suh-PEE-lee) has become one of my favorite woods to work with. It is an African hardwood, quite similar to mahogany, and is a protected tree in some parts of the world. Therefore, I use it sparingly, and only in instances where I know that it will last the user a lifetime.

Deep brown colors reminiscent of red clay, it is ribbon cut (quarter-sawn) making its grain shimmer in long ribbons. And the scent of sapele…is rich and spicy, like walnut.

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Queen size
Wood: Sapele (frame) and pine (spring ribs)
Headboard height: 43″
Height to bottom of mattress: 16.5″
Width: 61″
Length: 81.5″
Assembly: bolt-and-pin foot/headboard (tool provided) and drop-in ribs