The Heinlein

The Heinlein

Robert A. Heinlein was an incredibly influential writer with some rather strange scenarios, yet brilliant executions. For some reason, I always think of various skies when I think of his work—what the sunset looked like on Mars for Valentine Michael Smith, what the Earth must look like from the Luna jail base… And so this bed is named after him, simply because the first wood that I used in this design was so reminiscent of a sunrise / sunset.

This bed is a spin-off of the Asimov, being simple and straightforward, but with two different-sized planks for the headboard, as well as a matching double-plank footboard. As usual, the headboard planks are just high enough to keep your pillow from sliding under the headboard, and the two together provide a great surface to pile up the pillows and lean back.


It is a platform bed utilizing Deep Creek’s unique “spring ribs” design, with plenty of  space underneath for both airflow and also storage—nearly 12 inches of clearance all around. The legs and simple and square, and the footboard and side rails are long and polished.

Currently available in a beautiful multi-colored Heinlein-style-sunset (poplar).

Purchasing Options

Customize on Etsy

Order your custom Heinlein bed on Etsy now. Twin, Full, and Queen sizes available in ash, maple, poplar, sapele, and walnut. Typically ships in 3-4 weeks. Order yours now!